About Us

Here at BEHIND THE BUNDLES, our mission is to create more MILLIONAIRES in the BILLION DOLLAR HAIR INDUSTRY. We wanted to provide a way for everyone to WIN.

How much money can you make selling hair extensions? What would it take to sell $150,000 in Hair? The average retail hair extension order is around $195. If you get (2) sales a day at this average, you will make $390 per day in sales.

With Billions of dollars on the table, there is room for EVERYONE to launch, grow, and thrive in this industry.

Our Motto: "There is plenty of room at the table and it's time to give out more seats!"

The MAJOR thing that holds entrepreneurs from succeeding is ACCESS.

Access to resources, information, tools, and connections.

As a Black-Owned company, we pride ourselves on helping men and women of color gain success and longevity in the hair industry.

More people of color should be succeeding in the industry, and we are here to make sure that happens!

Say good-bye to paying hundreds of dollars to learn "secrets" just to get let down or not even know what to do NEXT.

No more googling your heart out trying to find the answers to your questions.

Save time on scouring the internet looking for "answers".